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The White Room Foundation will hold a charity art auction on December 18 at the Rovesnik bar. Our main goal is to support the initiatives and experiments of young artists. At the event, it will be possible to purchase small-circulation graphics and a series of small works of art by well-known and emerging authors.


We initiate an art collaboration, finding a balance between quality, relevance, functionality and affordability for a wide range of customers. With our project, we want to demonstrate that collecting art is easy. To become the owner of a work of art, it is not necessary to have a large capital for the purchase. As part of the auction, the price range will not exceed 10,000 rubles, of which 70% will go to the artist and 30% to the foundation to maintain workshops.

Anastasia Antipova 

Sonya Bondareva
Xenia Zak
Sofia Quesidu
Maresiy Ivashchenko

Olya Paramonova 
Natasha Perova
Pavel Polshchikov
Vika Ros
Sergey Rozhin
BABY 18:22
Yasha and Gosha Khomichi
Ilya Tskhukharbaev
Nikita Chernoritsky

Alexander Shameev
Zean Zack

Start: 17.00


17:00 - "Memes and Art" (Yura Yurkin, Sasha Lyulina and Eva Rondo)

18:30 - Auction. Moderator: Ilya Kusnirovich - artistic director of the creative association Esthetic Joys

20:00 - Drunken debate with Pavel Polshchik and Daria Kuznetsova

The program of the event will be filled not only by the auction part, but also by the educational part – drunken debates under the rhetorical slogan “does art belong to the people?”. The discussion in an ironic format will be held by Pavel Polshchikov , artist, resident of the independent art space  "IP Vinogradov" and Daria Kuznetsova , founder of the art blog ART_DILERS, organizer of cultural events and deputy collector of Pierre-Christian Brochet.  


Also, a series of short lectures reflecting on professional relationships in the art world through memes.


Yura Yurkin — co-founder of the Zakadrom recruitment agency in the field of culture

Sasha Lyulina — SMM and PR-head in art media Bermoods, SMM and teacher at Garage Academy

Eva Rondo is the curator and founder of the New Sincerity Gallery. 

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Exhibitions of young artist and art groups



Lectures with the leading curators, critics and art dealers of Moscow



Art residences, expeditions and performance