Alexey Khudorozhko is a young independent curator of exhibition projects, a participant in the third

All-Russian competition for young curators and a student of the RANEPA master's program "Management in art business".

"Everything will be OK"


At first glance, coronavirus and human activity in space have little in common, but is this really so? According to the curator of the exhibition, the pandemic likened people to astronauts who are in confined spaces (some kind of spacecraft), surrounded by a hostile world and having special conditions and instructions for going outside.


It's no secret that the coronavirus has brought many problems, both for individuals and for entire countries. However, despite all the troubles and restrictions that humanity faced during quarantine, the virus, like looking at our planet from space, can help us understand that there are no political or state borders on Earth, that we are all one and we have common challenges and challenges that we must fight together.


The title of the exhibition is inspired by the interpretation of the word cosmos in ancient Greek philosophy as an all-encompassing order, as well as the desire to calm and convince both oneself and others that, despite all adversity, everything will be fine.


On October 8 at 19:00, the White Room Foundation hosted

discussion at the exhibition "Everything will be all right" on the topic:

"The world of art after the pandemic."


The coronavirus gives rise to its own realistic mythology about death and illness, which can come suddenly and change the course of life for all mankind. Previously, it seemed that this only happened in the distant past, like a plague in the Middle Ages. Now it suddenly became obvious that a sudden total illness can block the mechanisms of interaction of society.

Let's talk about lockdown culture and what institutions and artists are doing and not doing in a situation of self-isolation, as well as what changes have taken place in the art market after the pandemic.


Andrey Epishin - Ph.D. in art history, editor-in-chief of the journal of criticism, theory and history of contemporary art Community Arts


Ksenia Zaitseva - economist, art critic, ex-co-founder of the SENSE gallery in the Cube Moscow space


Svetlana Bakhareva - artist


Alena Kalyanova - artist


Moderator: Victoria Hasanova