Date: February 28 to June 7

In the exhibition "Equalism", artists reflect on important, personal and sacred topics such as: consumer society, inequality, ecology and mental health.


By using visual forms and images typical of individual practice, artists seek the truth, love, recall, ask questions, and find answers, challenging the realities that exist in modern culture. This exhibition is a prism of artists through which they comprehend the surrounding reality, and the changes in the rapidly transforming modern world. The authors try to contribute to the criticism of social exclusion from existing problems in all areas of society.


Concentration on social aspects does not deprive the work of artists of aesthetics, but rather endows the work with a bright personality. The works presented in the exhibition in various techniques and media: video, installation, painting, graphics, photo and performance - are united by a common goal, namely the search for self-identification, as well as the agreement that there can be no boundaries for care, beauty, involvement, fragility and intimacy .

On the opening day of February 28, Katy Granova’s performance “Romantic bath for a single lover” was shown


Katya Granova

Alyona Fedotkina

Djemma Sattar

Katya Bondar

Evgenia Razinkova

Alina Eliseeva

Natalya Gudovich

Asya Segalovich

Ekaterina Perfilieva

Nika Sarycheva

Aksinya Sarycheva

Anastasia Omelchenko

Olga Eliseeva

Stepan Myannik

On March 14 in the space of the White Room Foundation in the framework of the exhibition "Equalism" was held a public talk on the topic:

"Discrimination in art - causes and consequences."


During the discussion the performance “Certificate” was held by Alena Fedotkina, in which she embroidered a large medical certificate forbidding the artist to embroider.

The performance touches on the traditional role assigned to women in modern culture.



Mika Plutitskaya

Rina Volnykh

Anna Prokazova


Victoria Gasanova