Katya Bondar

Performance artist, sociologist, choreographer. Graduated from Moscow State University, Faculty of Sociology. Trained at Choreography - the Academy of Theater and Dance in Amsterdam, and also completed the ROAR-Berlin program. In her works, she explores reality through the prism of dark philosophy, shamanism, mysticism, cyber communication and layered corporeality. She is interested in the possibility of creating a third dimension or alternative performative works. She participated in the exhibition spaces of MMOMA, Winery, as well as abroad: in Oslo, Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg.



2020     MY-BODY-IS-YOUR-BODY /online performance/ - Moscow, Russia     

2020     Z – Underground Theatre Festival, Ploshadka 8/3, Moscow, Russia

2020     HEAT AND HUMIDITY – Club of anonymous dancers, Moscow, Russia

2019     UNKNOWN /work in progress/ - Lake studio, Berlin, Germany 

2019     TENTACLES - NAKT Festival, Hamburg, Germany

2019     EXTREMOPHILE BODY - Bialowieza Forest, Belarus

2019     SCHIZOID CHILDREN - Saint Petersburg, Russia

2019     RAVING GAGARIN - Archeology of Memory, Workshop at Sakharov Center, Moscow, Russia

2019     REALITY IS NOT MY BEST VIEW /theatrical version/ - SHIFT Festival, Moscow Theatre on Taganka, Russia

2019     REALITY IS NOT MY BEST VIEW /basic version/ - Art Centre DK Gaza, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2019     THE CREEP IS A STORM FROM HEAVEN - MMOMA /Moscow Museum of Modern Art/ Russia

2019     THIS IS A LECTURE ... THIS IS A QUEER OBJECT performance lecture /in collaboration with Olga Tarakanova/ - KNIFE Festival, Moscow, Russia

2019     ILUNGA - ART-Likhoradka Vol.3 exhibition, Moscow, Russia

2018     SCOTOMA /in collaboration with video artist Diana Galimzyanova/ - MMOMA; Winzavod; DOCA,

Moscow, Russia; //In Parallel Spaces// Festival, Leipzig, Germany

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