Katya Granova 

The artist born 1988, Leningrad, USSR. Graduated in Social Psychology at St Petersburg State University (2010), which was followed by employment as a medical psychologist in a Hospice. This experience was rather transformative and eventually led to higher commitment to art practices and painting in particular.  She has also studied the one-year Certificate in Fine Arts at Paris College of Art (2015), MA Art & Space at Kingston University London(2013) and New Art Strategies at ICA Moscow (2017). After 3 years of the independent art practices Granova is currently attending MA Painting at Royal College of Art (2018-20).  She works as an exhibiting artist on her own, but is also a founding member of the Moscow-based APXIV performance art collective.


At the moment, painting is the main media in Katya Granova's work.


Painting is her main tool. In her works, she explores the relationship between painting and photography as a form of documentation of experience and memory. "Even since my study in the faculty of psychology, I was interested in constructing the past, personal and in general."


Katya Granova seems to be introduced into the documentation of the past, re-creates it and makes an absurd visual mess there. When projecting a photograph onto a canvas, she gets the outline of something that has disappeared forever, and, using painting as a bodily practice, imbues her physical presence there.


"My painting is very intrusive and bodily, according to one of the tutors - this is an operation on the body of the picture. But it seems to me that this is rather the work of a pathologist on photography.


As a method, the painting is densely loaded with a bunch of historical connotations that you can juggle, which gives additional opportunities for manipulating the past - and this is its specificity as a medium and therefore it suits me. "



Katya Granova’s painting is not about creating a picture, but about practice as such, the practice of symbolic attempts to invade the unattainable past.

Подкопаевский переулок, д. 4, стр. 7, Москва, 109028 

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