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Дискуссия в рамках выставки «Всё будет в порядке». Поговорили о lockdown culture и о том, что институции и художники делают и не делают в ситуации самоизоляции, а также о том, какие изменения произошли на арт-рынке после пандемии.

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Margarita Osepyan. The trickster in art - Christoph Schlingensief

This is a lecture about one of the most original German artists, which even after his death continues to inspire ambiguous responses of public and critics.

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«Тобольск глазами художников: механизмы восприятия города.

Почему художественный образ города меняет наше отношение к месту?»

Участники и организаторы проекта «Открывая Сибирь» обсудят то, как по-разному художники выстраивают отношения с пространством, о городе как одной из главных территорий работы современного художника и проследят то, как Тобольск проявил себя в их художественной и кураторской практике. 

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«Трикстер в

искусстве-Кристоф Шлингензиф» 

Лекция об одном из самых оригинальных немецких художников, который даже после своей смерти продолжает вызывать неоднозначные отклики публики и критики. 


Pauline Kuzovleva. What do we learn from the creative industries in Germany?

What is the reason for the success of creative industries in Germany? Why is this experience interesting for Russia and why should we bring more than 30 German creative industry figures to Moscow to participate in the ART-WERK forum? These and other questions will be answered by the program Director of the forum Pauline Kuzovleva


Discussion "experience of performance"

This is a discussion on the results of the Laboratory of Performance. This will touch on the phenomenon of the inter-media collaborations, such as the search for new artistic strategies.

Artist-talk survival Strategies of a young artist

Artists and curators of the project community of performance / the community of the spectacle will hold an artist talk for you. The topic of our conversation will be the survival strategies of the young artist. Let's talk about educational programs, cooperation with institutions and

residences, experience of self-organization and much more.


Lecture-performance "The history of the 10 gestures"

The history of the performance is difficult to reproduce. What do we talk about when we talk about performance? Are we discussing the idea and the concept of work, the feelings, the visual component — what, in general, should be touch upon to convey the knowledge of the event? The photo and video documentation often helps capture and convey the moment. However, is it enough to purely demonstrate the visual material to inform about the event?


Olga Kazakova. As Stalin's Empire was replaced by Khrushchev's modernism.

At the lecture we will try to understand the process of replacing one style with another, what reasons are the causes of the mid-1950s architectural revolution; how the architecture of the "thaw" reflects the achievements in the conquest of space and the NTR; as well as how it is connected with the architectural process in the West. The lecture will also look at the advantages of the early Soviet modernist the architecture today and how to learn to understand it and possibly – love it.


Alexey Maslyaev. Art practice at the turn of the 20-21 centuries.

The lecture will focus on audience participation as an obligatory component of the internal structure of any work of art.


Discussion "A New era: artists of the future"

The generation of the 2010s artists will comment on the current state of affairs in Russian culture and will identify the main problems they are face in their work.