"Media Forms of Medea" is a play on words that echoes the phrase from "Metamorphoses"

Ovid: Medeae Medea forem

("Medea - I will be Medea")

Dates: August 10 - 26

Opening: August 10 at 19:00

The idea behind this long-term project is the study of female
existence in different parts of the world. Implementation within the framework of the curatorialn residence "Own room" White Room Foundation - the first iteration, which will combine the works of Karelian and Moscow artists, created as a result of individual subjective reflections on the themes of motherhood and childhood, the mutual influence of the background and the figure, the ambiguity of the ancient heritage
as a media in modern culture.

10 Moscow and Karelian artists became the participants of the project,
thus, the project allows parallel study of visual codes specific to the two regions. Moscow is represented by Anna Fobia , Daria Neretina , Anna
Prokazova, Alyona Fedotkina, Sofya Grazhevich, as well as Elizaveta
Kulakova (Tver). Karelian artists participating in project: Antonina Yufa, Serafima Pospelkova, Victoria Kopeikina, Vera Petrovskaya.

During the project, work with the participants is documented, recordings of the artists' voices have become material for rethinking the topic with male position: Evgeny Markov, sound designer of the project, sound engineer at the Bolshoi Drama Theater. G. A. Tovstonogova developed sound art, which will become an auditory reflection of the visual part of the exhibition.


                                                                                    Curator: Mila Buzova