An independent non-profit organization dedicated to the support and development of contemporary art.


The Foundation was initiated in 2017 by the artist Olga Eliseeva with the support of family and close friends.   
The Foundation held various activities such as exhibitions, musical performances, workshops and lectures with the participation of artists, curators and art theorists.

Among its main priorities, the Foundation highlights the development of socially engaged art, which implies a mandatory social orientation of the projects. 
The Foundation's events aim also to benefit the local community and promote dialogue between the professional and the general public.

In addition, we cooperate with charitable organizations. Among our friends:

Art center «Maria's Children» 

 A studio for orphans, children with special needs and graduates of boarding schools. The center contributes to the rehabilitation of pupils by organizing various types of creative lessons, workshops, art camps and other activities for their development.


Charity Fund  «Pelican»

An organization promoting social adaptation of graduates from orphanages and young people living in psychoneurological boarding schools.


​​Charity Fund «Here and now» 


The fund supports orphans, foster families and families at risk.

If you decide to support the charity funds, your money will be directed to the implementation of programs to help children. You can find more detailed information about these programs on the official websites of the charities mentioned.


Thank you for your participation and concern!



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Maria Eliseeva

The founder and General Director of the Center "Maria's Children", which promotes creative rehabilitation and social adaptation programs for orphans, children with special needs, graduates of boarding schools. Art historian and artist.

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Rostislav Vadimovich Ordovsky-Tanayevsky of Blanco

The founder of the holding "Rosinter". One of the founders of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers in Russia, as well as an active member of the public organization "Business Russia". The winner of 2009 restaurant Hamburg Foodservice Prize "Oscar" for the development of the Russian restaurant market.

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Olga Makharinskaya

Director and founder of the charity fund "Chance for Life", which provides support for children from disadvantaged families and orphanages, as well as sick children, those in need of high-tech operations.