Artists' Residence in Uchma

White Room Foundation invites artists to participate in a residence in Uchma.  We begin open-call for artists working in different directions and media.


The village of Uchma, Myshkinsky District, Yaroslavl Region, located on the right bank of the Volga, a is part of the Golden Ring of Russia, but this small settlement cannot boast such fame and crowds of tourists as Myshkin or Uglich.  It seems that Uchma was always hidden from prying eyes, even during the WW2 the village was not damaged. The etymology of the word Uchma only once again confirms the sacred meaning of these places. The similar word existed in the language of Mingrelians - Mountain Jews who fled to Crimea from Georgia in the 15th – 16th centuries. The word translates as “paradise”.


There are incredibly picturesque and inspiring places. This sparsely populated village, in which no more than fifty people remain for the winter, is tied with history of the world. With Byzantium during the era of the fall, with Europe during the Renaissance, with Muscovy during the era of the formation of statehood. In Uchma there was a man who lived through all these historical processes - the Byzantine prince Kassian Grek.  He arrived in Russia in the middle of the 15th century, brought a bride to Ivan III, the Byzantine princess Sofia Paleolog. He himself was also a relative of the imperial family. At first, Grek lived in Moscow, then moved to Ferapontovo, took monastic vows with the name Cassian and went on a boat to Uglich to visit his brother Ivan III. Cassian stopped for the night in Uchma. There he had a vision, and he remained, having founded a monastery.


Today five museum expositions have settled in the small fishing village, in particular the museum of the history of the Kassianova desert and the fate of the Russian village. This amazing place will serve as temporary shelter for the White Room Foundation and everyone who wants to become part of our project.


There will be: 

workshops, lectures, communication with artists and curators from different cities and countries.


We provide housing and partially cover household expense.

In order for you to feel most comfortable, you will have the opportunity to invite your family members, including children.


 In the application, please provide:


• Description of the project (implemented or planned): photographs / sketches 

• CV and portfolio

You can send the project, CV and portfolio to our email: hello@whiteroom.foundatio

Deadline: 01.07.2020