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Salon of Conviviality

International project in Moscow, London and Berlin, which is attended by 30 artists from Russia, the UK and Germany.

As the salonnières fostered a more genuine exchange by opening up their private spaces to the public, so the project addresses to conviviality by sharing aesthetic experiences that vehicolate intellectual exchange, social interaction and sensorial involvement to the point of becoming actual academic institutions. Intense inter-religious, inter-ethnic discussions and scientific exchanges enlivened the public Arabic salons, serving as an information and education hub for young and adults but also as a loci for performing oral history, merging verbal art, cultural memory, and daily life. This salons often were combined with a cafe and served to the city crowd and strangers a starting point in discovering the cities. Driven by such concept of historical Western and Eastern salons, and by their understanding as a-statal platforms for public discussion of members’ opinions and agendas, the project brings together a group of international artists to collaborate in
formats of exhibition, talks, concert and workshops. Embodying the understanding of conviviality as joyful togetherness and continuous reinterpretation of the cultural identity, the project aims to explore dierent contexts of London, Berlin and Moscow. To be more precise the poetic, architectural, political and social city-scapes through the work of contemporary artists.

Despite being a prolific space of ideas and movements, too many utopist ideas have been thrown towards the Internet as the ultimate alternative public sphere. Mass manipulation, fake news, search engines’ algorithms have shown that minor voices and social debate can slip into a
monological modality, even though polyphonic. The Salon encourages vivid, oine dialogue, the praxis of gathering with others and finding modes of conviviality. It also addresses the public sphere (Öentlichkeit) as a discursive space where matters of common interest are shared and possibly re-elaborated in a mutual understanding.
The exhibition itself is conceived as a space as such, offering cushions and a tea corner to host activities and dierent forms of conviviality.
The program is addressed to people of all ages, art-lovers, professional art community. Furthermore it expresses our commitment to inspire artists, broader audiences and
friends alike.
Salon of Conviviality will develop an educational program that will include family workshops and artist-talks curatorial tours. The programme has a clear intention to include the audience’s activity and opinion.


SONA STEPANYAN Born in Armenia and raised in Russia, Sona Stepanyan is an independent curator based in Moscow and Yerevan. She graduated from Svobodnie Masterskie Curatorial
School (Moscow), Critics and Curatorship program of UNIC Institute (Moscow) and State Moscow Pedagogical University. From 2016–2018 Stepanyan held a position of Curator in Armenia Art Foundation. Previously, Sona worked at Education Department of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow.

GIADA DALLA BONTÀ is an independent researcher and curator from Italy. Specialised in contemporary art practices and conceptualism, she has won various scholarships and grants
with Moscow NCCA, VAC Foundation, members of Bard NY, Valand Academy/Göteborg University and others. Throughout her career, she has collaborated, amongst others, with Mondriaan Fund, HNI Rotterdam, Venice Biennale, FreeHome. She is based in Berlin, where she has been organising exhibitions and music and artistic performances.

GIULIA COLLETTI is an art historian. She is currently Program Coordinator at Frutta, Glasgow, and Associate Curator at Chalton Gallery, London. Her curatorial credits from there include Future
Shock, the first solo show and public programme featuring Yoshua Okón in London. She will co-curate the 19th Biennal of Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean (San Marino, 2020).
Previously, she served as assistant curator at OFF Biennale Budapest. She has held coordinator position at The Hunterian Glasgow, La Biennale di Venezia, and Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia. She holds an MLitt with Distinction in Contemporary Art at The Glasgow School of Art and she has recently integrated her academic education with Shanghai Curators Lab (12th Shanghai
Biennale) led by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev.



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