Stepan Myannik

The artist was born in 1994 in Moscow. He studied at a school in hometown, then continued his education in England, brilliantly graduating from King’s School, Ely. A student of the faculty of painting at the University of Arts London since 2013.


Stepan Myannik is interested in the difficult path of self-identification both in painting and in literature. In his work, Myannik does not give answers, but raises traditional and unusual questions, offering to reflect on them.


In his practice, Myannik pays attention to the material, what functions it carries and how the depth and meaning of the work change: how the material and the object will complement each other to create new meanings.


Recently, the artist has been working with the chromakey: “The chromakey interested me when I saw how blockbusters and special effects are created, especially the Matrix trilogy. The objects that are depicted on the chromakey take on different and deeper meanings, be it sex dolls , referring to cruelty to women or to loneliness, logos of brands like Microsoft, talking about the infinity of data warehouses, pills and drugs, which also give a feeling of created reality or the effect of a placebo or baton - the illusion of power and cruelty. "

2020     Group exhibition White room foundation — Equalism, Moscow, Russia

2019     Group exhibition at A3 gallery, Moscow, Russia


2016     Dose exhibition, Buddha Bar, Moscow, Russia


2015     Mother Russia Exhibition, The Rag Factory, London, England


2015     Come Closer Exhibition, Apiary studios, London, England


2015     Artefax exhibition- charity event, Dolls House, London, England

2015     Split?-Split! personal exhibition at Kino Gallery Category: 3A+

2014     Rebirth Exhibition, Edwards Lane, London, England

Подкопаевский переулок, д. 4, стр. 7, Москва, 109028 

Телефон: +7 (917) 537 05 94


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