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Artist Stepan Myannik & White Room Foundation presents Tic Tac Space Project

It’s aim is to send Alien Ad Banners on a rocket to fight space debris and discrimination. 
Stepan Myannik created a message to combat those problems  through 7 ad banners, in the colors of the rainbow, written in alien languages from Star Wars, Futurama, Predator, Star Trek, Star Gate and Superman's, Kryptonian Languages


Banners would be made out of fireproof stickers like on every other rocket. 

Would be meaningful
to put those alien  
banners on the 2nd stage to stay in space and burn after, hoping one day making it reusable too

NFT sales would go to these non profit organisations:
Space Foundation to help solving the problem with space debris.
Visual AIDS to help those who are being treated like aliens.
Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to preserve nature on earth.
White Room Foundation to support artists projects.

For millions to watch. For millions to help

Since 2022, Stepan Myannik has also been collaborating with the Berlin HAZE Gallery. Berlin


2014-2017 BA, University Arts London,  Camberwell College 

2018 — MA, Southampton University, Winchester School of Arts 


2021 — Blazar, Moscow, Russia

2021 — COSMOSCOW, Moscow, Russia


2021 — Balkan Biennale of Contemporary Art, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia

2017 — 7th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow



2022 — Group exhibition CCA "Shine" by Andrey Malakhov& Omelchenko gallery. Moscow

2021 — "The Castle", solo exhibition at the Zverev Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow

2021 — "Visual code of the future", group exhibition Omelchenko Gallery, Omelchenko Gallery Moscow

2020 — "Omelchenko gallery 5",  group exhibition Moscow

2020 — Personal exhibition <Caramel Planet>  in space "lado", Moscow

2020 — Group exhibition "Equalism" in the White Room Foundation, Moscow

2019 — Group exhibition in gallery A3, Moscow

2016 — Personal exhibition "Dose" ArtPlay, Moscow

2015  — Mother Russia Exhibition, The Rag Factory, London, UK

2015  — Come Closer Exhibition, Apiary studios, London, UK

2015  — Artefax 2015 - charity event, Dolls House, London, UK

2015 — Split? - Split! personal exhibition in the Cinema Gallery Category: 3A +, Moscow

2014 — Rebirth Exhibition, London, UK


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